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Editing is an umbrella term for a range of increasingly complex activities professionals can do with your manuscript to make it better. Editing could be a deep dive into your manuscript, with advice on how to improve structure and ideas in order for your message to go across exactly as you want it to.

If you are unclear on the difference between editing and proofreading, the UK's Chartered Institute for Editors and Proofreaders (CIEP) has put together an excellent ebook guide on the topic, that can be accessed by visiting the Resources section on their website, or directly by clicking on this link.

Why do you need professional editing?


The most important reason lies in that outside perspective that a professional editor offers. She ensures that your message comes across exactly as you mean it, and there are no errors in fact, structure, continuity, grammar, spelling to detract from your message.


Once your manuscript has been edited and before it goes to printing, it is a good idea to get it proofread. Proofreading focuses more heavily on word spacing, paragraphing, fonts, and the general layout of your text now that the content has been finalised. The proofreader also ensures consistency in everything, from spelling to formatting.

Find out more about what the proofreading process entails.

Keep in mind that even after proofreading, your text will not be 100% error-free. Proofreaders are human, too, and may miss things. However, a good proofreader will clear 80% of any errors left after a good edit.


Charlene Polidano, bride

Huge thank you to Roberta for her fantastic service. Spelling mistakes really annoy me, especially on menus when eating out. So I requested her services to proofread all our wedding printed materials - invitations, RSVP cards and both Food and Beverage menus. Roberta understood the time crunch we were under as we needed a lot of changes due to evolving COVID restrictions from the authorities. She was supportive through the entire thing and the finished product was impeccable. Well done, Roberta's Editing Services - I recommend you wholeheartedly and will definitely use your services again.

Elementary Classroom

Institute for Education

It was a pleasure working with Roberta. Working with her on 2 separate projects which were so important for the Institute for Education to have them both fulfilled, proved to have been smooth and easy-going. Final products were both of excellent quality while simultaneously meeting all timeframes. All this has been ultimately achieved thanks to Roberta.

Business Team

David Vella, business owner

It was a pleasure working with Roberta. Fast, efficient and overall a very pleasurable experience all together. Highly recommended!

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