Do you write many emails? How many times have you caught a mistake in your email right as you click ‘Send’? Below I’ve compiled a list of things to pay attention to before you hit that all-important button.

First of all, check that you are sending the email to the correct email address. Some people have multiple addresses with the same display name. Also make sure that you have spelled the name of the recipient correctly.

Then, check that you have spelled any company and product names correctly. One of the most annoying things when receiving emails, especially ones that are requesting something, is to see your company name misspelled.

In terms of proofreading, go through the text, specifically looking at words like ‘is/in/on/of’ and ‘from/form’ and verb endings such as ‘-es/-ed’, which are easy to misspell when typing, but which may change your meaning drastically.

At the end of the email, make sure your name is spelled correctly, else you might begin long, otherwise-productive correspondence with someone who keeps misspelling your name every time. Also check that you have used an appropriate closing – ‘Looking forward to your reply/comments/feedback’, or ‘Please respond urgently’ or ‘Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information’. A good closing will give your recipient the confidence to contact you again, while a bad one might turn them away from your business. Try to personalise the closing or to choose a unique one.

When it comes to the body of the text, ask yourself:

  • Have you said what you want to say (among all the polite language)?
  • Have you given enough information to be clear?
  • Have you given too much information and need to cut it down?
  • Have you closed the email by requesting an action, e.g. reply, solution, visit, phone call?

Do you have any other tips for ensuring your emails are properly written?

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