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Roberta Basarbolieva's
Compelling Edits

Developmental editing

Imagine this: you have written a book. You know what you want to say, you've met your characters already, but you are not sure if it works. You might feel that some parts are weaker than others. This is when a developmental editor comes in handy.

A developmental edit focuses on the big-picture issues of a text:

  • Does the story flow? Is it consistent?

  • Should certain elements be moved for better impact? Flashbacks? Musings? Fight scenes?

  • Are there sections you can strengthen?

  • Are there scenes that require further explanation or clarification?

  • Are there characters you can develop further? Are their motivations credible?

  • Powerful tension in all the right places?

  • Too many clichés?


In summary: What works? What doesn't?

What do I get out of a developmental edit?

After a developmental edit, we will send you two files: a marked-up manuscript containing comments with detailed suggestions for specific sections or examples of language, and a developmental report acting as a summary of the annotations, with a list of general recommendations about how to tighten up your text and make it convey the meaning you intended. 


- High fantasy

- Magical Realism

- Urban Fantasy

- Superhero Fiction

Science Fiction

- Alternate History

- Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic

- Dystopia

- Steampunk


- Action

- Crime

- Legal


- Food

- Cultural Tourism

- ELT Literature

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