What do people use English for? Everything, from travel to business to following their passions. Clear, concise English is a must if you want to succeed in your endeavour. So how do you make sure your writing is up to scratch? That is where I come in.

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I will help you make your language vibrant, while getting your message across clearly. This might happen through light proofreading or heavy-duty editing or anything in between, depending on what we agree on and what your text needs.

Some of the materials I have worked with include scientific dissertations, academic journals, business materials and self-published fiction manuscripts. I also engage in copywriting, depending on the subject. My strengths lie in topics as varied as online gaming (iGaming), literature, ELT and food. See what I can do for you here.

“Writers who think their final draft is perfect are fooling themselves. Everyone needs a sympathetic editor – someone who understands what you’re trying to say and the way you’ve chosen to say it, and is prepared to spend a significant proportion of their time on earth eliminating the inconsistencies, ambiguities, and inclarities in what you have written. There are no exceptions. All writers, whatever their topic, genre, or medium, need the validation, reassurance, and protection that only an editorial green light can provide.”

David CrystalCIEP Honorary President, in a CIEP newsletter

Frequently Asked Questions

After you tell me about your text, I will ask you some guiding questions and request a sample. Then I will be able to tell you how I can be of help. Generally, if no editor has seen that text until now, you will need at least a light edit.

That depends on your text. Copy/line editing a full-length manuscript (80,000+ words) takes around 2-3 weeks, depending on the number of edits necessary. In comparison, proofreading a blog post takes 1-2 working days.

There is a number of factors taken in consideration when calculating price: text complexity, technical specifications, number of words, urgency of the job. Editing a manuscript generally calculates at €12-19 per 1000 words.

Compelling Edits is based in Europe and accepts PayPal and bank transfers. Invoices are issued via email, and are in euros. If you require them in another currency, please inform me beforehand.